Cry Havoc is an aspirational Larp event heavily influenced by real world medieval history, which you could call a Reenlarpment.
The year is 1513 but our history has diverged after the events of 1422.

We are aiming for high levels of kit and atmosphere as we try to create a working military unit of the 14th/15th century. To achieve this we will undertake a weekend of military training based on historical battle tactics and individual martial instruction. We will use very simple rules to encourage intuitive responses to situations and a high degree of immersion. Our highly experienced team will set the scene and assist in the creation of an in-depth story, promote rich character development and encourage fantastic looking costume.

Inspired by Shakespeare, we hope to kindle the spirit of Falstaff and illuminate the drama of the human condition, which will possibly involve quiet reflection and occasional shouting. We hope you will join us and feel the tension of a military camp on the eve of battle.

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