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We want to keep the administrative burden as light as possible. All tickets will have to be purchased before the event, nobody will be able to pay on the gate. All check ins will be done with preprinted QR coded tickets or scans/pictures of the same QR coded ticket(s), these tickets will be received via email after ticket purchase.

Ticket PriceExample ticket

£80 for an adult ticket.
£60 for concessions.
£20 child 5 to 17 years of age.
Free for under 5’s.

Tickets are available through the Booking page.


The second Cry Havoc event called ‘The Eve of Battle’ is from the 30th of June to the 2nd of July 2017.
Arrive as early as 2pm on Thursday the 29th of June.
Time-in is scheduled for 7pm Friday evening.
Final time-out will be 3pm on Sunday the 2nd of July.

Early Setup

With prior permission and for an extra charge of £5 per person, participants are able to arrive on Thursday earliest 2pm to enable more complex camp set ups.
Although most participants will have left the site by the evening of Sunday the 2nd, those with larger camp take downs will be permitted to leave by 1pm on Monday the 3rd.


Medieval Pageant site, Templecombe, Somerset, BA8 0JX.

Download Cry Havoc Templecombe site directions here.

Site Map

Download Cry Havoc site map here.

The Venue

Originally designed and currently being used for a yearly re-enactment event, the venue has a large wooden palisade wall with gates overlooking a number of substantial well drained fields. The site is already ideally set up for us to run a whole range of battle scenarios.

DSC_5391 copy

The Tavern

The site also boasts a newly built wood framed and shingle roofed tavern that will be used for music, dancing, gambling, drinking and socialising at the Cry Havoc event.
The Tavern, called ‘The White Swan’ will be fully licenced to provide reasonably priced drinks to all who frequent it.
The site has mains water stand pipes as well as a small toilet block and a shower. We will be hiring in extra facilities to scale with the number of participants that attend.

DSC_4289 copy


DSC_5989 copy


We are inviting a number of traders to attend the event, they will be in keeping with our high standards and will be selling in-character food, costume, weapons, armour and accessories.
Traders so far include:

Yet to be confirmed

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Live Action Roleplay is a contact activity that has a range of risks inherent to it, we aim reduce these risks while still allowing people the freedom to have loads of fun, to this end we have created a range of sensible rules and guidelines that can be viewed on the website, such as our Terms and Conditions, as well as delivering a number of safety briefs at the event. Some of these safety elements will be tackled in-character through initial group training games and through the overall direction from key non-player characters (NPC’s).

Weapon Guidelines

We will be using LARP foam rubber weapons in all cases, these weapons should be in a good condition and there look should suit the historical period.

Bill, or other polearm.

Can be used to either cut or thrust or that can both cut and thrust.
Polearms that can cut are limited to a maximum of 7ft in length and polearms that can only thrust to a maximum of 9ft in length.
Used by ‘Defenders’ they form a substantial part of the company.


This should be a longbow if possible, 12 is the suggested number of arrows.
Maximum of 30 Ibs pull at 28 inch draw.
Used by ‘Assaulters’ they are a core part of the Company.

One handed Sword.

Used to cut. *There maybe a few specially designed thrusting swords.
Maximum of 42 inches in length.
Primary weapon for some ‘Special troops’ or used as a secondary weapon by ‘Defenders’ or ‘Assaulters’.

Two handed sword.

Used to cut.
Maximum of 5 feet in length.
Used by ‘Special troops’, such as knights. Superior hard skills are needed for this role.


Flat round shields or heater shields are most appropriate.
Very large shields should be avoided.
Used by ‘Special troops’, such as knights. Superior hard skills are needed for this role.


Can be worn on the hip when not in use.
Very small shield typically about 15 inches in diameter.
Used by ‘Discoverers’ or ‘Assaulters’.

One or two handed, axe, club, spear or farming implement.

Cutting or thrusting depending on weapon design.
Maximum of 5 feet in length.
Used by poorly trained troops.

Arquebus (early muzzle-loaded firearm)

This is a LARP safe representation of an early muzzle-loaded firearm.
It fires a small foam ball, produces a bang and some smoke.
Currently only one supplier’s Arquebus as been certified for Cry Havoc.
Used by ‘Assaulters’.

More information on Troop Types can be found in the Savage Steel Company Manual.


Armour, if worn, needs to be strong enough to withstand a fair blow and ideally made from realistic materials, although historical looking polyurethane armour is acceptable.
All armour and especially metal plate mail should be free from sharp or excessively rough edges. We recommend that all combatants wear a helmet.

DSC_5186 copy

Combat Rules

1. There should be no face, throat or groin hits and if these hits occur they will not count.
2. In any combat a call of ‘MAN DOWN’ will halt the fighting in that area, all combatants should drop to one knee and wait for further instructions from Cry Havoc staff.
3. All weapons need to be checked by the appropriate Cry Havoc staff before any use at the event.
4. All archers and Arquebus gunners will be assessed for their level of competency in basic training.
5. Grappling or other physical contact is not permitted in any battle. Grappling practice must be held in a defined area with both parties consenting and be run by a judge.
6. No shield striking or barging is permitted.
7. No grabbing of an opponents weapons is permitted.
8. Thrusting must only be done by weapons specifically designed to be safe in the thrust.
9. No throwing weapons will be allowed at Cry Havoc (with the exception of foam rocks).