Our History

Henry V of England did not die in 1422 but lived a long and successful life. He became king of both England and France but failed to produce any heirs to the crown. When he died, his prosperous kingdom splintered. Plagues and wars have ravaged the land and it is said that the one god abandoned the people.

New religions abound. Gunpowder is in very scarce supply. Ships now seem to be able to stay at sea for only two or three days before they disappear beneath the waves or into fogbanks never to be seen again. Those that so much as glimpse land seem safe.  Pirates and privateers abound and only the finest of sailors are able to travel the seas safely.

The plagues did have one major benefit to those that contracted them. They now heal from physical wounds at a rate that would have been astonishing to their ancestors.

The year is now 1513 and war has finally come to Wessex.

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The Savage Steel Mercenary company has been contracted by Lady Anne to train and prepare such troops as are prepared to fight for the land of Wessex against an unscrupulous usurper, his brutal mercenaries and any of the people of Wessex foolish enough to fight for him.

Will the most peaceful and prosperous land in England be destroyed in bloody civil war or will the army of the Duchess be able to fend off their attackers and save their people?

Download a Short History here.

A message nailed to trees and notice boards around Wessex

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Brief Timeline of the Savage Steel Company


The Savage Steel company manual

Herein lies such advice and instruction as will allow for success upon the field of battle. It is by the discretion of the officers of the company that any of the orders and punishments contained within may be altered at need.

Download the Savage Steel Company Manual here.


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Savage Tales

These tales are a series of short extracts from the lives of Walter Savage and Edward Steel the Captains of the Savage Steel Company.

Savage Tales part 1

Savage Tales part 2

Savage Tales part 3

Savage Tales part 4

Savage Tales part 5 (Portugal 1506)

Savage Tales part 6 (Northern Italy 1504)

Savage Tales 7 (England 1512)

Savage Tales 8 (Northampton 1512)

Savage Tales 9 (Ireland 1511)

Savage Tales 10 (St Albans 1513)

A Priests Tales

Another tale from a different perspective.

de Grey part 1