Q1. “Do I have to sleep in a re-enactment quality tent?”

A1. No you don’t. We will have an in-character camping area and an out-of-character camping area. The in-character area will be for tents that are close enough for the historical look and feel that we want to create, we will be quite strict on this as we feel that it is really important. In the out-of-character you can have whatever tent you like or even sleep in a camper van, this area is in a separate field that is out of sight of the area of play.

Q2. “I only really have fantasy looking LARP weapons, can I use them at Cry Havoc?”

A2. No. Fantasy looking weapons and shields will not be accepted at Cry Havoc as we want to create an immersive historical feel to the event. Generic plain looking weapons will normally be acceptable, however you should try to avoid weapons that are much later than the 15th century; we could stretch to 1520, but no gunpowder weapons. If you do have a fantasy style shield you could use a shield cover.

Q3. “I am a reenactor and am interested in this event but have never done Live Roleplay before, how complicated are the rules?”

A3. “The actual roleplaying and combat game mechanics are very straight forward and can be summed up in a few sentences. Firstly, react how you think you should react to a situation. Secondly, do not expect others to react in the way that you think they should. This “what you see is what you get” rules system (WYSIWYG) requires just a few guidelines for our context but it essentially means you can do what you can represent. React to anything that happens to you in a plausible way, do not expect a specific reaction to whatever you do.

Q4. “I am worried that I won’t be able to afford to buy costume that is good enough for the event, especially as you seem to have such high kit standards?”

A4. We are aiming to have very high kit standards, but that does not mean that you will have to spend lots of money on an entry level costume. If you go to our Files page you will find a Basic Costume Guide document that will give you guidance on putting together a cheap but appropriate looking costume.

Q5. “What food will be available at the event?”

A5. We are planning to have reasonably priced in-character food available for purchase at the event. You will of course be able to bring your own food, although we require any food that is cooked or eaten in the in-character area to be in keeping with the event. Any other food can be consumed in the out-of-character area.

Q6. “Will I be able to buy alcohol at the event?”

A6. Yes you will be able to purchase alcohol at our fantastic looking in-character tavern called “The White Swan” however we do encourage people to drink responsibly especially as there will be lots of fighting and it is likely to be hot weather. With these things in mind make sure that you bring plenty of drinks to keep yourself hydrated. Please make sure you have appropriate in-character drinking vessels and water bottles for drinking anything in the incharacter areas.

Q7. “I want to come but don’t have a group, will I be able to join one at the event?”

A7. When you submit your character to Pod (immacdonald@myphone.coop) add a note saying that you would like to join another group. She will then either link you with another group before the event or assign you to an appropriate group when you arrive.

Q8. Is this event also for non-combatant characters?

A8. Yes, although this one is mainly a militaristic event. There will be plot in and outside of the training; but if you plan to play a non-combatant, you should really let us know beforehand!

Q9. What character should I play?

A9. First you should look at the Kit and Character guide located on the Files page, if your still not sure what character to play ask Pod, immacdonald@myphone.coop.

Q10. I am 16 years of age, can I fight in the battles?

A10. No person under 18 years of age will be able to take part in any of Riddle of Steel’s combat activities unless these activities are being run specifically for children or permission has been granted by both Mark Gilbert and Ian Macdonald. In order for this permission to be granted Mark and Ian will need to be convinced that the child is physically mature enough, has enough experience and will be supervised by a specific individual or group while in a battle.

Q11. I hear that LARP safe firearms can be used at Cry Havoc, how do they work?

A11. Although relatively rare, some soldiers in the early 16th century used a muzzle loaded gun called an Arquebus. We have currently approved the use of a specially designed LARP safe Arquebus from one specific supplier who’s gun fires foam balls, produces a bang and a puff of smoke. Contact us for more information.