System Rules

We are using a ‘What you see is what you get’ style system, where participants react how they think they should, within the context of the event. We encourage dramatic combat and intuitive roleplay that is not constrained by a strict rule system. We do have rules but these tend to be integrated into the actual in-character game itself and will be driven by the NPC’s. We insist that you are nice to each other when fighting as we want people to pretend to get hurt rather than actually getting an injury. If someone manages to hit you with a weapon then react to it in some way. This reaction could range from instantly falling over dead, to limping away, to complaining loudly about how hard you have been hit, or gradually slowing down and starting to stagger from blood-loss. The most important thing is to do everything you can to avoid being hit in the first place as medieval weapons can inflict horrific wounds. Super natural effects are possible, for example a character might really believe that a priest’s oration will give them more courage in a battle, that prayers will speed the healing of a wound or that a curse will cause an itchy groin. If you are not sure how to portray a powerful priest or a mighty sorcerer then these too are skills that can be learned.

The only thing we are happy to cheat on is healing. Its very dull to spend the whole event being wounded – unless that’s what you want to play with – so we have decided that one of the side effects of the plagues has been to give people accelerated healing powers. Surgeons and leeches still have their place. Without surgery, or healing potions and poultices, you will still die, but if treated with some competence, then wounds will heal in a very short time. Minutes to an hour or two. Prayer is especially helpful as well, either by the patient themselves or by others on their behalf.

The joy of failing: when roleplaying it usually turns out to be a great deal more fun if your character has some flaws. The stories that get told afterwards are usually based around something going wrong, before eventual salvation, or indeed it going even more wrong. We hope you will ‘chew the scenery’.

Combat Rules

1. There should be no face, throat or groin hits and if these hits occur they will not count.
2. In any combat a call of ‘MAN DOWN’ will halt the fighting in that area, all combatants should drop to one knee and wait for further instructions from Cry Havoc staff.
3. All weapons need to be checked by the appropriate Cry Havoc staff before any use at the event.
4. All archers and Arquebus gunners will be assessed for their level of competency in basic training.
5. Grappling or other physical contact is not permitted in any battle. Grappling practice must be held in a defined area with both parties consenting and be run by a judge.
6. No shield striking or barging is permitted.
7. No grabbing of an opponents weapons is permitted.
8. Thrusting must only be done by weapons specifically designed to be safe in the thrust.
9. No throwing weapons will be allowed at Cry Havoc (with the exception of foam rocks).